Do you have what it takes to succeed in the world of politics?  Are you politically savvy? Find out by taking our 15-question fill-in-the-blanks quiz (you'll need a pencil and paper).  Simply provide the word(s) that best complete the sentence to make a political cliche.   Answers can be found by clicking the link below.

1)  He has a clear ______ for our future.

2)  It's time to get tough on ______.

3)  That's just the ______ media bias.

4)  The middle class deserve a ______.

5)  We need affordable prescription drugs for ______.

6)  We have to break the ______ in Washington.

7)  He's his own ______.

8)  Leave no child ______.

9)  We'll grow the ______.

10)  Our children's ______ is at stake.

11)  He connects with the ______ moms.

12)  He's running a grassroots ______.

13)  We're expecting a strong voter ______.

14)  The recount must be full, fair, and ______.

15)  We must follow the rule of ______.

Click here for the answers.