Here are the phrases to use when describing a candidate.  She can be substituted for He where appropriate.

He's his own man.

He's a man of vision.

He's a visionary.

He has a clear vision for our future.

He's a man of character.

He's a man of integrity.

He's a man of great moral fiber.

He's a candidate for the people.

He'll bring dignity to the office.

He's running a grassroots campaign.

He cares about children and families.

He's demonstrated real leadership.

He'll make a difference in people's lives.

He's good for the country.

He knows what the country needs.

He's running on his record.

His record on the issues is clear.

He's a voter advocate.

The voters know what he stands for.

The voters can identify with him.

He understands the voters.

He connects with the voters.

He's willing to stand up to the Washington bureaucrats.

He won't back down to the special interest groups.

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