Nationally televised Sunday morning talk-shows offer expert analysis and commentary on politicians, political parties, and other political matters.  What you'll wind up hearing is a slew of cliches, including many of the following:

He has flip-flopped on this issue.

He has a hidden agenda.

We're headed down a slippery slope.

We have a changing political landscape.

If we do that, then the terrorists win.

The world changed forever on September 11th.

Terrorism wreaks havoc on the very fabric of our democracy.

Drugs wreak havoc on the very fiber of our society.

The bill has support on both sides of the aisle.

He's going to throw his hat into the ring.

He's amassed a big war chest.

He's out on the campaign trail.

He's the dark horse in this race.

He's fighting for his political life.

He's a centrist.

He's left-leaning.

He's just to the left of center.

He's in the hip pocket of big business.

He has to rally the party faithful.

The party rank and file are behind him.

He has to get out and press the flesh.

He's gaining momentum in the race.

He has to get out the vote.

He connects with the soccer moms.

He just picked up a key endorsement.

That's what this party stands for.

He has to solidify the base.

The voters are tired of negative campaigning.

The voters are tired of all the name-calling.

There's been a lot of mud-slinging in this campaign.

They engage in partisan politics.

They're playing dirty politics.

This is a smear campaign.

That's character assasination.

They're playing political football.

That's just a mean-spirited Republican policy.

That's another tax-and-spend program.

That's the liberal media bias.

The mainstream press has ignored it.

They're just Clinton-bashing.

He's trying to distance himself from Bill Clinton.

Analysis of a Debate

He held his own.

He hit a home run.

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